Molykote 1000 Paste
MOLYKOTE  1000 Solid Lubricant Paste Brown is a one component, high performance lubricant that is used for bolted metal joints, tension rings, and cylinder head bolts that are exposed to high temperatures.

Molykote P-37
Highly pure  Can be used at temperatures up to +1400°C; Coefficient of friction in the range of oiled bolts; Low scatter of pre-stressing forces on tightening; Avoidance of stress cracks and solder brittleness;

Molykote 111
Molykote 111 silicone based compound has a heavy consistency, and is used for pressure plug valves, water softners and control valve lubrication. This compound can be used as an anti-stick to prevent gaskets from sticking to metals and resists weathering.

Molykote G-n Plus

Molykote GN Plus is a solid lubricant paste for the assembly and running-in of metal components.

Molykote G- Rapid Plus
G-Rapid Plus Spray Black is a solid lubricant with mineral oil that is used as a permanent and running-in lubricant for machine components such as saws, drills, threaded spindles, screws, pumps, bearing, pulleys, and gears. It provides low friction, good coverage, high pressure absorption, and prevents stick-slip, scoring, seizure, and fretting corrosion. 400 mL Can.

Molykote 1000 Spray
Bolted joints fasteners subjected to high temperatures (up to 650°C/1202°F) and corrosive effects, and which, after assembling and the initial operation, have to be re-tightened or disconnected. Ensures constant pre-stressing forces, for cylinder head bolts, nozzle head screws of plastic injection molding machines. Bolted joints in the chemical industry. Tension rings of centrifuges.

Molykote D321R Spray
Anti-friction coating for metal/metal combinations with medium fast movements and high loads. Permanent lubrication of highly stressed sliding guides with low sliding speeds, oscillating movements or intermittent operation. Improves the running-in process, lubrication under high vacuum and at extreme temperatures. Used successfully for cylinder-head bolts, toaster guides, car mirror adjustment mechanisms, high voltage switches. Running-in of highly stressed gear wheels. Emergency lubricant for parts of the rotor head of wind energy installations and for groove-free cold extrusion of steel.

Molykote 111 
MOLYKOTE™ 111 Compound is a one component, silicone oil that is used for damping, sealing, and lubricating outdoor equipment, pressure systems, electrical equipment, and used as an anti-stick. It provides low volatility, low vapor pressure, wide service temperature range, and water resistance. 400 g Cartridge.